A Match Made In Heaven”-True & Co. finds the Perfect Fit for your intimate apparel.

Many a women face the embarrassment of trying a hundred bras in a crowded shop, with nosy onlooker, just to find the perfect fit. However, True&Co. was founded just to empower the women with what compliments her respective shape best. It is the first company to help women find the perfect match of their best fit and their favorite bra and that too by just taking an online “Fit Quiz”. There are no crowded fitting rooms, no poking salespeople with measuring tapes and definitely no pictures, just a quiz which makes women understand that the perfect match is more than just the cup and band size.

Designer Nikki Dekker from “The Lake & Stars” joined hands with True&Co. to do everything in the most unique way possible. A team was formed which consisted of fearless women as well as men to change the world of lingerie design, engineering, shopping and living in. Leonardo Da Vinci and his Vitruvian man inspired the team to find the ideal proportions of human body. Even the logo of the store takes its inspiration from finding the perfect beauty and brains match as the curves portray the form of the female bodies while the geometry depicts the preciseness with which we find the best fit.